Friday, 9 July 2010

Thanks Again

Hi Derek
It's the senile, lost it completely, dementia suffering, pole happy losing - Yorkshireman ( I think??????)
Believe it or not we got home safe and sound after a very interesting week at Lakeland.
Thanks for a great last week to our holiday, the fishery is in great nick and the fishing was yet again fantastic for both of us, end result a draw.
Catching on average 85 fish per day was great, Viv really enjoys it and this year we both needed the break after Dad's illness and problems(he's fine and smoking his Condor pipe like a goodun).
The new pole is working well, thanks for sorting me out(every day almost) promise to behave myself next year - Yes we are planing on coming back with a Van next year for all my spare tackle.
Photos of a couple attached, yes her indoors has caught the biggest.

Thanks again for a lovely last week to our holiday, give our best wishes to Mary.

Geoff (The submarine) & Viv
Mirfield, West Yorkshire

PS If you happen to drain the lake, I'm claiming all the gear.